West Virginia Auto Classifieds Ad

To create a really good West Virginia auto classifieds ad, you need to make the ad short and sweet. You want to give all the necessary information, but don't use too many words or people won't read it.

Always include the make, model and year of the car. Also include the color of the interior and exterior. Readers will skip your ad if you don't include this information.

The condition of the car needs to be described. You don't need to go into a lot of detail, just state if it is in good, fair or poor condition. If you don't state these facts, people will assume you are trying to get rid of a pile of junk, and they will skip your ad.

Note any other interesting features such as low mileage, extras, any accidents, etc. This is where you can draw in someone who isn't sure about a purchase. If you can interest someone with a particular feature, they are more likely to continue to look at your ad.

Always include contact information and price. An interested party can't contact you if there is no way to get in touch. Include several ways to reach you including phone, cell phone and e-mail. Be consistently available while the ad is running because if an interested party can't reach you, they will simply move on to the next ad.

You need to decide where to distribute your West Virginia auto classifieds. You can consider local newspapers and on line sites. You can advertise on community bulletin boards. Many grocery stores have bulletin boards where you can post an ad. See if your local auto parts stores have a bulletin board as well. Community colleges are a great place to advertise for used cars. Place your ad in places where potential buyers will see it.